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Critically Acclaimed Mass Effect 3 sees its Metacritic score tanked by Homophobes.

Many of us in the gaming community see the expanding roles of video games and their impact on popular culture. The gaming industry is, capital wise, as big as the movie industry. With the greater amount of investment cash poured into gaming, I feel that better products are being created to reach a more diverse audience. Videogames are fast becoming much more that mindless diversions; they are becoming art and excellent story telling vehicles.

But the gaming community has a lot of maturing to do.

When the original Mass Effect came out, there was a hoopla manufactured by Fox News about how the game allowed players the opportunity to pursue a lesbian relationship?with an alien if the player decided that their Commander Sheppard was a female. The horrific culmination of which was a harmless make out scene prior to jumping into the bitter fight that was the awesome finale, which according to Fox News would have destroyed society instantly. But all the scenes of humans being impaled on spikes while alive, having to leave a good friend to die, full on genocide, shooting civilians, and the wall to wall gunfights were never an issue. Even though Fox caused a fuss, the gamers were mum. I can only assume that most of them were all for a little girl on girl action.

In response to requests by fans of the series, Mass Effect 3 now allows for both gay and lesbian relationships. And now parts of the gamer community are up in arms, hypocrites.

Ticked off gamers are now tanking the games? score on the popular critical site over the possibility of a LGBT relationship (among other things). Which is stupid, the player is not forced into a gay relationship. The choice is simply there for one to pursue if interested, and only if.

I for one probably won?t pursue that relationship since my incarnation of the Commander, Fuzzypants McSheppard, has being going steady with Liara since the first game and way before Avatar made blue skinned people all the rage.


The RAGE!!! Going on at Metacritic is doing nothing but reiterating the idea of the stereotypical gamer. An elitist with no right to be, narrow minded, and petty. (Not to mention being a pimple faced tween who somehow beats me in military shooters, even though I do this shit for a living)

Not all of the low scores going on at Metacritic are about the homosexual issue; some are just people who are butthurt about the game?s ending. But after reading enough of the ?reviews?, I feel that gamers need to grow up. Because one day, I guarantee that the badass man or woman that you fight the undead hordes as, will be other than straight.

In a related note, Mass Effect 3 is amazing. Play it meow.

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Source: http://freethoughtblogs.com/assassin/2012/03/07/homophobia-in-the-gaming-community/

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